Gull makes gloves to fit male
and female hands.
The lineup includes
various styles and
materials to match your
needs. Gloves are
essential items for
scuba diving and skin diving.
Designed to fit female hands snugly, these highly durable
all-around, four-season gloves are also easy to put on and
take off. Enjoying wearing them for scuba diving, skin diving,
and other marine sports.

Color variations

Shell Camo Orange
Shell Camo Blue
EV Purple
EVN Blue
Rose Pink
GA-5591 SP Gloves Short III Women’s
GA-5592 SP Gloves Short III Women’s LIMITED EDITION
Material:Amara(synthetic leather)/2mm Opelon® jersey
*Shell Camo Orange、Shell Camo BlueはLIMITED EDITIONのみ


Women S M L
Hand (cm) 17 19 21


Glove size comparison

Ssize: about 3cm M~Lsize: about 3.5cm