A strap fin that with a light kick that
enables a nimble feeling of
mobility and makes scuba
diving and skin diving
comfortable and

  • Sense like the foot Foot pocket designed
    close Foot pocket designed

    The foot pocket is formed using a thin and pliant rubber material. This makes the fins easy to put on and take off.

  • Greater propulsion Hybrid rubber
    Hybrid rubber

    To enable these fins to powerfully, yet smoothly, deliver tenacious propulsive power, Gull’s innovative production methods integrate different pliant and resilient types of rubber for the foot pocket, blade, and ribs.

  • Strong in a downkick Rib shape
    Rib shape

    The ribs on the Mew are designed with the down kick in mind. At this time when power is most easily converted to propulsion, Mew Fins firmly catch the water. Providing pleasing response to strong or subtle kicks, they suit a variety of conditions and are loved by both power divers and occasional divers, who have different leg strengths.

Color variations

Rosepink (S, M only)
S Yellow
MN Blue


MEW CYPHER boot size fitting table

Size GS boot Weight Size
a b c d
S 22∼24cm 877g 507×200×86×82mm
M 24.5∼26cm 1,015g 520×214×96×86mm
L 26.5∼28cm 1,080g 540×214×100×92mm


A lightweight and compact design for ease of use both underwater and on entry and exit

With a blade length shorter than ordinary fins, these are designed for ease of use and lighter weight. Under water, the compact design offers agility and less chance of damaging coral or other marine life. These are also easy to get on and off and tote, even when donning gear on land or on a cramped boat, achieving comfortable entry and exit.

Boot pockets that achieve both the outstanding fit of a full-foot design and ease in getting on and off

These feature a boot-pocket design boasting a long sole and high instep that snugly envelops the entire foot. This achieves a fit of outstanding comfort, along with conveying leg power with the same ease as full-foot fins for unflagging propulsion.

A middle-range blade design for maximum enhancement of exhilarating fin work and efficiency

Designed with a blade length shorter than ordinary fins, these also shorten the time for which the rubber material flexes to help accomplish nimble and efficient fin work. Moreover, to achieve maximum performance in these middle-range fins of the sense of pliant grip obtained when using rubber fins, the height of the keel at the rear has been slightly lowered, for a design that yields greater comfort.

Fin bottoms made for safety and ease of use

Complementing the all-over thickening of the sole, grip has been improved with a new tread pattern.

A state-of-the-art rubber configuration helping to achieve both light kick feel and sure propulsion

A state-of-the-art protruding configuration is used for fins that delivery sure propulsion and won’t come loose even with forceful kicking.