The ideal snorkel for women who want easy water clearing and stress-free surface movement during scuba diving and skin diving.

  • Angle is adjusted freely Movable mouthpiece
    Movable mouthpiece

    Freely adjust the angle to easily find the most natural, comfortable position for you.

  • Clearing the snorkel is really easy. Twin purge valves
    Twin purge valves

    With double the usual number of purge valves you can clear water more quickly from the snorkel. After expulsion, by channeling any water that remains into the purge chambers, the design diverts water away from your mouth.

Color variations

CE Red
CS Orange
CS Blue
CEV Purple
CEV Blue
CE Red
CE Green
CS Yellow
CS Orange
CS Blue
GS-3173 Leila Stableル
GS-3174 Leila Stable Black silicon
GS-3174 Leila Stable White silicon

Volume :158cc
Weight :125g
Inside diameter :18φ
Mouthpiece size


Dry-upper design keeps water out.

Dry-upper design keeps water out.

Dry-upper design prevents splash from entering the end of the snorkel


Large purge chamber Air channel stays clear when water remains in tube.

Air passage is open even if water is in tube.