Ideal for women, this mini-size mask for scuba diving and skin diving now partners our sought-after snorkel.

  • Smooth drainage Designed to drain smoothly
    Designed to drain smoothly

    Internal c orrugations on the inside of the curve ensure that the tube bends to allow you to comfortably fit the mouthpiece. The opposite inner wall, however, is smooth and lets water easily drain away.

Color variations

Rose Pink
EL Green
SS Yellow
SS Orange
SS Blue
Super White
EVN Purple
EVN Blue
GS-3179 Super Bullet Mini White silicon
GS-3179 Super Bullet Mini Black silicon

Length :405mm
Volume :180cc
Weight :184g
Inside diameter :21ø


21-mm dia. largebore pipe

21-mm dia.largebore pipe

The large bore pipe enables high-volume airflow and the smoothest air intake of all the Gull snorkels.