A series of suits ideal for scuba diving and skin diving. According to your priorities, select for heat retention or for mobility, and ease of getting into and out of.Thanks to zips at wrist (48 cm) and ankle (54 cm), it’s really easy to put on and take off this suit. The 3-mm material is the best choice for users who seek maximum mobility and who want to easily slip into and out of their wetsuit. It’s a great choice for scuba diving and skin diving at resorts where the water is warm.

  • 5 times or more growth Inospan jersey
    Inospan jersey

    On the outside, the surface is covered with Inospan jersey, which has superb durability and more than five times the stretchability of normal jersey.

  • Wear resistance Hard Tech jersey
    Hard Tech jersey

    Since the knees get the most wear, to provide superior abrasion resistance when boarding or coming ashore, Hard Tech jersey panels are used at the knee.

Color variations

GW-6586 GULL 3mm Ready Made WetsuitIII Women’s
○ Skin neck specification
○ Long zips at wrists
○ Seam taping
○ Urethane pads
○ Inospan jersey


Height (cm) 153~157 156~160 156~160 159~163 159~163 162~166
Chest(cm) 78~82 80~84 82~86 82~86 84~88 84~88
Waist(cm) 59~63 61~65 63~67 63~67 65~69 65~69
Hips(cm) 86~90 88~92 90~94 90~94 92~96 92~96
Inseam(cm) 61~63 63~65 63~65 65~67 65~67 67~69
Sleeve(cm) 65~68 67~70 67~70 69~72 69~72 71~74
Thigh(cm) 50~52 51~53 52~54 52~54 53~55 53~55
Neck(cm) 28~30 29~31 31~33 31~33 32~34 32~34
Weight(kg) 44~48 48~52 51~55 52~56 55~59 56~60


Comfort neck system

Extended Velcro® fastener reaches right to the bottom of the throat. If you have a large or a slim neck, you can adjust a comfortably snug fit that properly keeps out water.

FIR(far infrared nap)

The wet suits are lined with FIR (far infrared nap). This material absorbs heat generated by the body and releases far infrared rays. They provide excellent heat retention.

Excellent suit entry and exit

A 20 cm long (4 cm longer than average) fastener at the wrists provides ample sleeve opening. Generous 16 cm zips also ease entry at the ankles. With the provided strap, you can pull the back zip up and down using one hand. This strap has also greatly improved fastener durability.

Fabric specification key points

Besides heat retention, the nap minimizes friction with skin and provides superb fit comfort. Has mesh skin outside layer.
② Stretch jersey
Superbly stretchy jersey allows unhindered body motion
③ Neoprene
Superbly strechy and heat retaining materials used in 3-layer core fabric.